Monday, May 31, 2010

Say What?! - May's Pics!

The Last Say What'? WHAT?!

Too cute. Too much good music. Too much fun... and too sad it may be the last show for now. After a fantastic, but short four month run, Say What may be on hold indefinitely. It's future uncertain. And yet, the pictures remind us of how important it can be to never miss an opportunity to dance. To always seize the moments we have while they are still in front of us. Shameless has it's plate full this summer and will continue to be very active in the local music scene. Unfortunately this is one of the reasons why we have to take a step back from Say What. We're incredibly grateful to so many of you that supported and believed in this night. We hope it will resurface again sometime soon. But in the meantime, there are always these great pictures for us to remember the night...

Thanks to Dave Matthews for coming down last minute to take these incredible photos.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Shameless Social this Friday! Featured artist: 214!

SHAMELESS SOCIAL is this Friday night at Electric Tea Garden! The inaugural edition features a rich array of talent from around the Northwest, headlined in part by:

214 live (Touchin' Bass, Pyramid Transmissions)

To sit at a table set with the sounds of 214 (TwoFourteen) is to be served hungry-man portions of honey-buttered electro beats, side dishes of synth-line treats, and dollops of IDM-get-down. Like most musicians, Chris Roman's path is rooted in a veritable melting pot of sounds. Some of the influences are obvious. Others not so much so.
His Puerto Rican birthright and Miami upbringing ring apparent when he's pumping out sci-fi roller disco sounds, but when his vibe turns to the cold dark comfort of Detroit-esque minimal mind funk, it would seem this man forgets from whence he came. It's a memory lapse that sounds like a lapdance in the side room of a space ship. More importantly, it's a memory lapse that works. It's not so much a lapse then as a love of diversity, a creative finesse with a variety of good tastes.

214 effortlessly blends lush Latin roots with robo-transformer trips, always maintaining a skillful balance between the nasty, the not-right, the cold, hard, and just-right - all at the same time. He's got plenty of tricks up his proverbial record sleeve. And he's been pulling them out for years now.

Wherever you can find it, count on 214 for premium blend electro and assorted savory flavors from the future.



Ben Tactic (Dress 2 Sweat, Think 2wice, PDX)

Scratchmaster Joe

File Jerks

Rolo Tamasi

Verse & Barbarella

Electric Tea Garden
21+ 9pm to Late

Thursday, May 20, 2010

J.Phlip @ Electric Tea Garden this Saturday w/Shameless!

On Saturday May 22nd, Seattle is in for one more Dirtybird treat! J Phlip!!

She'll be returning to Seattle one last time before she flies off to Berlin for awhile (and so the story goes...the West Coast loses another one of our finest to the clutches of Germany!). For those of you that caught her at the Decibel boat party, My Bloody Valentine is Shameless or the afterhours, you know she's the real deal and delivers some of most fun tech house booty shakin' business out there! Claude VonStroke wrote a note and says it best...

(Letter from Claude VonStroke)
“It is not that often that i get to hear someone play who i think is amazing. It is even more rare for me to hear a person that understands what the real “dirtybird” sound is all about. Jessica (J Phlip) is one of those rare gifted DJs who I love to listen to. I can fully attest to her skills on the decks as I have travelled on tour with her from the UK to Spain to Germany and beyond. I promise she can hold her own with anyone I have ever heard play on any stage. If you are thinking about booking someone fresh from dirtybird I really think this is the DJ who can deliver the goods as they were meant to be delivered. Straight from San Francisco with dirty basslines, bootylicious funk, and cute as hell - J. Phlip is the total package. She is moving to Europe for the summer, so this is a chance to hear someone really cool from the original San Francisco dirtybird crew who doesn’t sound like everyone else.”
– Claude VonStroke

We had a chance to catch up with J.Phlip this week about her upcoming European visit - here's what she had to say:

"Well I'm planting my home base... or maybe we should call it "HOME BASSSS!!!!" lol ... in Berlin from June to October. This is going to allow me to infiltrate the European market with some J.Phlip and all things Dirtybird! Although I wont be touring quite as much as I do over here, the gigs that I do have are mostly all "staple" parties and clubs in Europe. So the gigs should be dope and that will also leave me wayyyyy more time to write music... more originals and remixes!"

If you're planning to be in Europe this summer and/or want to keep tabs on what J.Phlip is up to during her European adventure, visit her MySpace often. Expect to see her perform at Watergate in Berlin and Fabric in London! Also, she adds that "the Red Bull Music Academy has a sick studio space in London and they have invited me and Worthy to spend a few days playing around on their gear and making some tunes there" Lucky!

Here's a new bangin' original track from J.Phlip!

Here's a preview of the type of tracks J.Phlip brings to the decks:
J.Phlip - TICK TICK BOOM mix

Come join Shameless this Saturday as we party and bid farewell to J.Phlip!

Lots of love and support from the Shameless crew...

Levi Clark

Saturday May 22nd: 9pm-late
Electric Tea Garden

May Day Taurus B-day Bash - Pictures

The Shameless crew represents the Taurus sign strong with multiple crew mates having their birthdays in May. The celebration this year took place house party style! It all started at 4pm with Luvshack deep frying a couple of turkeys in the backyard. From there Menami cooked up some fierce spiked lemonade and a bunch of people showed up with food, drinks, bubble machines, a giant blow up bunny rabbit (?!) and good cheer to share. Music kept going until 5:30 am! Thanks to all of the DJs, friends and family that helped make such a fun filled, warm and festive party at the YES! house go off so well.

(Click any of the pictures below to see more)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Show And Tell w/Rolo Tamasi!


SHOW AND TELL @ Living Room, the biweekly live electronic music night at The Living Room is shaking its shame off and getting its game on with the live debut of Rolo Tamasi

Rolo Tamasi [SEA] was an Italian professional road racing cyclist. The highlight of his early career was his overall win in the 1971 Giro d'Italia of cycling, 53rd edition of the Corsa Rosa. Shorty after his triumphant victory he was involved in a terrible accident where he was hit while riding his bicycle by a large truck. Luckily, the man who was driving was a cryogenicist and in 1971 Rolo Tamasi was fully cryopreserved. In 2007, His frozen remains were sold to the University of Washington medical center for research. In 2008, He was unexpectedly unfrozen when a drunken scientist spilt Vodka Red Bull in his tank and simultaneously struck by lightening. Reborn in a new time and place he balances life between DJing and producing classic dub music and progressive techno, promoting and planning with Shameless Productions. He has opened for such greats as Deepchild Christian Martin & J Phlip!

Mixes and more can be found HERE!

Hosted by Verse (playing in-between set DJ sets)

The Living Room
1355 E. Olive Way

Monday, May 10, 2010

Galaxy Rock for Disconauts - Recess mixtape from 2006

I hopped into Menami's car the other day and she was rocking an old mixtape of mine. Well not super old, but it's at least 4 years by this point. I had forgotten all about it! Although I played out a lot of different genres at the time (still true today!), I particularly adored disco with enough rock elements that made it accessible to those kids that "don't like electronic music".

I had so much fun listening to it again that I thought I'd bring it back for your downloading pleasure. The link below will also provide a full track listing. All vinyl baby!

Also, since we're on the nu disco tip, here's "new" nu one from 2010


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Monster Planet this Monday!!

Monster Planet is a live improvisational, experimental, ambient night featuring some of Seattle’s premiere artists and rotating guests with a random sci-fi / horror B-Movie. Shameless friend William Mempa is the curator of this outrageously bizzare yet fun evening in the cozy confines of the Can Can

This month features a wide array of Seattle talent playing together to create the otherworldly sounds of Monster Planet:
Scott Sun
Playing with Knobs
Brian Oblivion
William Mempa

The Stranger Line Out had a great preview of last month's edition - check it out!

Also, William Mempa is part of the experimental/ambient/psychedelic group Kids For Tomorrow that has also graced the Monster Planet stage.

See you at the Can Can this Monday!

Can Can
94 Pike Street (below left bank books)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Come to Cottage Country!!

If you don’t already have them, Toronto’sDougie Boom released a 4-volume series of unbelievably fun and amazing classic rock DJ mixes last year that were arguably the best DJ mixes I heard in 2009. Dougie’s COTTAGE COUNTRY mixes are fashioned as though you were listening to an actual classic rock station (complete with satirical voiceovers that’ll have you in stitches) with great effect. Now that it’s getting warmer outside, what better time to revisit these gems? Make sure to download all four volumes before heading out for your Memorial Day Weekend trips on the lake, camping, or beyond. You’ll thank me later!

Dougie Boom’s Cottage Country mix – Part 1

Dougie Boom’s Cottage Country mix – Part 2

Dougie Boom’s Cottage Country mix – Part 3

Dougie Boom’s Cottage Country mix – Part 4