Thursday, June 28, 2007

More summer parties...

Click on pictures below to get more info.
June 29th - B_Tech's Birthday Party @ Electric Avenue
(CHAC's Lower Level)

June 30th
Robo*Trash - The Redux
'til the crack of dawn!

July 7th
Disuko! @ Nijo
Menami, Recess & Guests!

Friday, July 13th
Broken Disco IV!

Saturday, July 14th
Shameless @ See Sound Lounge
Recess, Levi Clark, MC Anton Bomb & Pixelflip on visuals!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Pics & video from Broken Disco - Episode III

Wow, another hot night out here in Seattle. Both Mexico and Germany were represented on June 8th @ Chop Suey with this double headliner event. Smash TV and Nortec Collective both killed it! Dave Matthews rocked it again behind the camera. This time he took a few more shots of the crowd and performers. However, nothing beats the great portraits he takes. You can see some of his pictures below or just click on one of them to view them all. Also, thanks to Idoru for taking some short vids up and hosting them on You Tube. Here's one that captures the very beginning of Smash TV's set...