Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pictures from Balls Out! 4 America

Well, we finally wrapped up our 4 part Balls Out! series with "bombs bursting in air". This series of events have been a blast and we're incredibly grateful to our team of volunteers and participants that have helped make each month unique. Here's a little recap of the past 4 months...
  • We hosted AC Slater (NYC) and presented Seattle's first (& probably only) 'dunk the hipster tank'.
  • We also brought out A1 Bassline (UK) for his Seattle debut performance and smashed a disco ball pinata in celebration of all things ridiculous.
  • Finally got to throw a Warriors themed costume party. Those that know Recess personally know that he's been wanting to do that for years.
  • Studio 75 Exclusive and friends stopped by last month to present one hell of a sexy fashion show.
  • A bunch of bad ass local street artists showed off their talents each month in a live capacity.

For last Friday's family style event we welcomed our good friends from the Innerflight crew to get down with us. Kinoko, Eli Heuer & special guest Fu represented on the live art front. Killing Frenzy killed it on live visuals and Luvshack's extra bass went boom. Thanks to everyone that came out!

Click on any of the pictures below to see more. Also we should have some video posted sometime soon so check back again.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fuck Yeah! Balls Out! #4 w/ Shameless & Innerflight

Shameless Presents...

Balls Out! 4 America

Friday 11-14-08

Rebar Seattle

America. Fuck yeah!! This month's edition of Balls Out! will be a family affair as Team Shameless invites Innerflight over to our home at the Rebar. Luvshack is providing extra sound. Say it loud... BALLS!!


The Players

Recess and Kadeejah Streets
aka Sparks Fountain


Levi Clark and J-Sun



Night Train

MC Anton Bomb

Live Visual Art Crew


Eli Heuer

Plus Special Guest Artist...


Photos by Dave Matthews

Balls Out! 4 America

Friday 11-14-08
Rebar Seattle

Apple pie provided for your all-American clubbing experience.
Fuck yeah!!

See you November 14th!