Thursday, March 25, 2010

Say What?! - Round Two Pictures!

Another one for the books! Looking forward to next month when Truckasuras drives by for a live performance.

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Say What?! - Round Two Tonight!

Here's what The Stranger had to say about tonight's show...

You whippersnappers will be too young to remember this, but back in the day—say, like 2007—Chop Suey had the only decent 18-plus club night in town with a little monthly called Club Pop. Now two of Seattle's most excessively ecstatic party crews, Shameless and Out for Stardom, have teamed up to present Say What! a new 18-plus dance night for a new generation of kids old enough to die for their country but not old enough to drink—with a bar for their 21-plus friends, of course. Tonight, Portland's keytar-wielding electro auteur Copy will rock a live set, and local ADDJ Fourcolorzack will man the turntables, along with resident DJs Recess and Darwin. Now get off my lawn! ERIC GRANDY

Check it out in the 'Up and Coming' section here.