Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Shameless XXXmas Parties 2009

I don't know if it's the spiked egg nog, the upcoming days off from work or maybe the impending doom of relatives coming into town that often makes the last Saturday before Christmas a serious contender for party night of the year.

This year, we're thrilled to be returning to the See Sound Lounge after a long hiatus. As a resident DJ since they first opened the doors over 6 years ago, I've watched the Lounge transform from a fresh new venue in Belltown to a well established and respected haven for quality electronic music. I'm sure it helps that one of the owners is a DJ himself. Details such as top notch equipment and good sound are obviously valued. A healthy balance of top local DJs and high profile out of town bookings helps to keep the vibe fresh, while consistently serving up one amazing party after another. See Sound Lounge is a one of a kind cosmopoliton venue with a clean, minimalistic design that appeals to a wide audience.

However, this Saturday December 19th it's going to get dirty. Both Levi Clark and I will be holding down the decks while MC Anton Bomb brings his magic to the mic. Levi is also planning to bring down his electric guitar to use as a midi controller off and on throughout the night. We're excited to be returning to the See Sound Lounge and hope that you'll come join us in our BELLTOWN INVASION!!

Plus, we'll be keeping the party going at the Monkey Loft later on. Resident Shameless DJs Menami and Adlib will be joined by special guests Kris Moon and Kristina Childs. Ms. Childs killed it at the last Hive Mind Halloween and we're looking forward to hearing her throw down for us again.

Kris Moon is one of my all time favorite local DJs. Unfortunately he hasn't been local for the past couple of years which makes this appearance even more special. He was the founder of Robo.Trash, a club night that inspired me to expand my own personal scope as a DJ. He started the Division email list years ago which has grown tremendously and represents electronic music DJs, producers and promoters all over the Pacific Northwest. He's also one of the originators of the Laptop Battle, a concept that has caught on all over the country. The Laptop Battle is taking place this Friday December 18th at Chop Suey.

In addition, Kris Moon has a weekly radio show call Moon Bass every Wednesday on KBGA 89.9 FM Missoula. Here's a link and tracklist from his show last week...

From Kris: "Invasion of the UK Funky! I've been keeping my eye on this sound and finally got together a nice little selection that I highlight in the first hour, then it's on to some dubstep and the slow fade into mellowness. Remember Skylab? #1 is incredible, find yourself that album... enjoy...."

Four Tet "Our Bells"
Shortstuff "A Rustling"
Bok Bok "Nntf09"
N.B. Funky "Riddim Box (Sami Sanchez Remix)"
Sully "Duke St Dub"
Whistla "Puddles"
KP & Envy "Swing My Way (Solly Remix)"
Top Billin "Waiting"
Buraka Som Sistema "Restless (Julio Bashmore Remix)"
Blackhouse Project "Come Dancin"
Hardhouse Banton "Reign"
Karizma "Twyst This"
Attacca Pesante & Shea Soul "Make It Funky For Me"
Fuzzy Logik "Way You Move"
L-VIS 1990 "Run"
Altered Natives "Rass Out"
Aaron Carl "Oasis (Nick Holder Remix)"
Big Moe "Ill Do It (Go Go Garcia Remix)"
Zomby "Float"
Midfield General "Coatnoise (Dave Clarke Mix)"
Adam Beyer "Forthcoming"
Jeff Mills "The Sin"
MLZ "One State"
Claro Intelecto "Peace of Mind (Electrosoul)"
DZ "Down"
Bassnectar "Cozza Frenzy"
Cotti Featuring Doctor "Rise The Temperature"
501 "Sure Shot"
Taz Buckfaster "20 Red"
Bionic Commando "Bionic Commando (Rusko Remix)"
Deadmau5 "Ghosts & Stuff (Nero Remix)"
Joker "Snake Eater"
Jaybird "Work Dat Box"
Untold "Stop What You're Doing"
Intrusion "OceanView"
Darkstar "Break"
Jamie Vexd "In System Travel"
Tapes "Good Thing You Came Along"
Roof Light "In Your Hands"
Flying Lotus "Robo Tussin (Instrumental)"
Skylab "Seashell"

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Scratchmaster Joe's International Lounge



2009 may go down in part as a year that reintroduced the concept of the listening party to Seattle’s nightlife. Bars and lounges the likes of Grey Gallery, Triple Door’s Musicquarium, and Nijo have increasingly invited DJ collectives such as Made Like A Tree, Sweatbox, and Shameless to set up shop and play sets that, while undeniably uptempo, focus more on the craft of the DJ as selector and record connoisseur. While people still dance, there are those in attendance that don’t just trainspot – they carefully listen and study each track and how they’re mixed into one another, how they’re sequenced, timed, and so forth. You could almost say that it’s the DJ version of chamber music.

Scratchmaster Joe’s International Lounge at Grey Gallery every Sunday night is certainly one of the most adventurous, deliberately indulgent, and consistently entertaining listening parties in Seattle. A notorious staple of the Seattle DJ world for many years, Joe is a world-class turntablist, having competed many times in DMC competitions, and is one half of the amazing bass duo Famous Players with former Seattlite/current New Yorker Sam Kirkland (who helped found Robo.trash back in the day with Kris Moon and others).

Now playing every Sunday at Grey Gallery from 7pm to 11pm, Scratchmaster Joe digs deeeeeeeeeep into his considerable vinyl collection and mixes and scratches at many different speeds everything from dirty breaks and vintage jazz to 60s-era psychedelic and 50s bop in combinations that you’ve never, ever thought of before. A friend who accompanied me to a Scratchmaster session last Sunday never heard him before, and said as we left that Joe never tries to get people to dance – he compels them to just listen.

This Sunday, Scratchmaster Joe’s guest is Garek Druss, a noise artist and has been part of bands such as Dull Knife, Story of Rats, & Heavy Teeth (more on Garek here)

Here’s the event page for this Sunday’s set. Go.

Scratchmaster Joe’s International Lounge
Every Sunday

Grey Gallery
1512 11th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98122-3904

No Cover!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

7 minutes in Heaven? Record Bin Roulette

So it should come as no surprise that the KPLU show, "Record Bin Roulette" would appeal to music-loving and vinyl collectors like us, a collective of audiophiles, party-makers, and all-around music freaks.

KPLU ( was founded in 1966 and is one of the most popular radio stations in our nation. Since the late sixities, KPLU has been bringing jazz, blues, and National Public Radio news to the Seattle area. By staying abreast of new and advancing technologies KPLU has found a national audience and ventures of theirs such as KPLU's full-time jazz webstream and HD radio channel Jazz24. Perhaps their own summary of themselves is best, "We look to provide more than broadcasting in the traditional sense, and are broadening the international content of KPLU to include all forms of listener-supported media." Rock on radio!

Back to the gem that is "Record Bin Roulette"! KPLU radio personalities John Kessler and John Maynard have created a 7 minute excavation into music's past, many selections are brought back into the light of day from obscurity and memory. Their gems are hard to find records, rare groove tunes, and forgotten melodies. These records are collected from flea markets and yard sales and showcases strange audio moments from records, television and movies. It's only seven minutes but it's great! Guaranteed to bring you bits you've never before heard anywhere.

“Record Bin Roulette” airs Thursdays at 5:35a, 7:35a & 4:45p, Fridays at 7:30p and Saturdays at 1:00p - Pacific time. Though I'm only a lowly digital immigrant, like a digital native I cannot abide by television or radio schedules. If you are like me and would like to catch "Record Bin Roulette" on your own time, KPLU provides a podcast of the delightful and very quirky show. Check out the podcast at Enjoy!