Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What will you be for Halloween?

>> Hive Mind Halloween 2010: Resurrection <<

  • Relax in Madam G's Purgatory Parlor (Sinner Saint Productions)
  • Worship in the Chernobyl Chapel, courtesy of Flight to Mars
  • Drink deep at the Unicorn Bar (Space Virgins) and the Anton Bomb
  • Take a dip in the Deep Blue Sea (Cabiri)
  • Wander the Flickering Fire Garden (Knomesthetics)
  • Get sweaty to EQlateral, Splatinum, Kristina Childs, Nommo Ogo, Joe Bellingham, Levi Clark, DJ? Whatever, Menami, Recess, and Michael Manahan
  • Sate the late night munchies with mobile eats from Street Treats and, of course, Philthy Sanchez
Amazing to see so many groups working together for such a good time, neh?

Here's the only problem: last year, we said we wouldn't do it again, and we meant it...until so many folks came forward to volunteer to make it keep happening. Now, what if folks who enjoyed it last year don't know it's back on? Tell them! Forward this post, say you're coming on the Hive Mind Halloween Facebook page, heck, go ahead and Twitter it!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Deepchild Live Set

Shameless Productions Showcase @ 2010 Decibel Festival featured Deepchild, Dan Bell & The Shameless Crew.

Deepchild's Live set recorded @ Chop Suey in Capital Hill is sure to bring back memories of an utterly shameless party! If you missed out...you can download & listen to all the fun WE HAD :)

Most of all Enjoy!

Deepchild Live @ Shameless Showcase 2010 Decibel Festival by Shameless Productions

Shameless Productions

Friday, October 1, 2010

Shameless videos at Decibel!!

I took a few Shameless-related videos around Decibel 2010, which I'm finally able to upload. More to come this weekend...

Here's video from Adlib & Levi Clark's epic tag-team set at Chop Suey during the Shameless Showcase at Decibel 2010!