Thursday, August 13, 2009

Photosynthesis 2009 Recess' Recap

For an outdoor party in it's second year, not bad at all. In fact, I had a blast! Camped next to the Novatron Lounge and Innerflight/Shameless peoples/extended family. Loads of dubstep almost 24/7 from the moment the music started. We all laughed and enjoyed the lounge anyway. It was set up in the perfect spot! Tons of places to chill in the shade during the day. It became a bit of a community center for some.

Friday was a bit hectic, trying to figure out what was going on. Behind the scenes things seemed a bit scattered, but it all ended up working out. During the day on Saturday I checked out the Techno Barn. The entire configuration of the speakers and DJ table didn't make sense. Main speaker stacks were placed on carpet one level off the dance floor. The DJ table was miles away from the dance floor. My buddies (thanks Seanny, Eddie & KDJ) and I ended up teaming with TProphet (you kept on even when the going got tough!) to reconfigure the room and it was time well spent. SO MUCH BETTER! (Although the DJ table was super low which I painfully discovered during my set later on that night).

All of the stages looked and sounded great! There were always interesting people to meet on every path you took. It also kind of felt like a big homie festival of sorts. Beautiful spot. Good call TP, Kyle and company. Plus, as Joee Irwin often alarmingly, but calmly put it, "there is a fucking volcano north of us". Amazing scenery.

Every stage seemed to be stacked with talent that I was interested in checking out. Quite a few times I had to choose between performers or hop back and forth between different stages in an attempt to catch it all. I've been a secret fan of Murderbot for the last couple of years so I was bummed when I found out he was playing at the same time as Menami. Menami killed it in the dome with an eclectic midtempo bassy set. Michna is my hero right now. I was able to sneak away to catch about 10 minutes of Murderbot destroying the dancefloor in a good way. Smiles on everyones faces while the booty bass was being driven at 140 bpm. I hung out with him earlier on a bit and he seemed like a nice enough guy. Sounds like he rubbed a few people the wrong way though. Bummer about that.

As everyone else here already mentioned the Techno Barn had some serious heat almost nonstop. The line-up on all three nights was killer. Everyone deserves praise. I hope we can repeat that again next year. The space itself was really cool. Wood floors on the second floor + internet access!! I had a good time playing Saturday night, but really my favorite set was renegade style with Michito Sunday afternoon. Tech house with world flavors pitched down to 118. Often deep with a tribal tip, tagging with Michito was a treat. It was fun seeing people getting down to it on the dancefloor at 4 in the afternoon.

Kicking it in the shade on the Chevy tailgate, hanging with with both new and old friends, seeing Kid Koala remind people what it means to be a turntablist, stars at night, finding shenanigans everywhere, not getting hit by a speeding golf cart, people being safe and looking out for each other... there are more memories than I can mention.

Oh yeah, fuck Gel Sol...

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