Tuesday, August 4, 2009

HAI @ Capitol Club - Wednesday August 5th


Wednesday, August 5th @ Capitol Club

No Cover

Stop by and say happy birthday to our good friend Sean Williams. We'll be closing down the bar with cake, ice cream & booze. No cover. Plus we've got a special guest DJ in town!! If you don't already know him, read on...

JOEE IRWIN (Klientele / Palms Out Sounds, NY)

Joee Irwin was exposed to the midwest rave scene in the 90's in a
place where the DJs played Italo Disco. Joee fell full tilt into the
world of electronic music. The soundtracks of those early underground
parties have stuck with him. He's zig-zaged the United States and
always found himself at the forefront of the music scenes he comes

An accomplished DJ who has shared the stage with rosters of top tier
acts all over the country and a music blogger who writes for the
widely-read Palms Out Sounds. Joee transplanted from Portland, Oregon
to Brooklyn, New York in October of 2008. In that time he's been
focusing on production and June saw his first release, "Punch Card" on
Angel Alanis' label, Klientele, and many more releases and collaborations,
will be seeing light throughout the next year.


Recess (Shameless)

Verse (Freak Out, Tasters Choice)

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