Tuesday, August 31, 2010

YEEEAH BUDDY! One Year Anniversary!


Former Seattle resident Brent Tactic celebrates his first year rocking Kansas City clubland with his wildly popular Yeeeah Buddy residency and blog. Perhaps best known around the Northwest as one half of Tactic, along with Ben Tactic of Portland’s Bubblin’ fame, co-founder of Think 2Wice Records, and ye olde Flea Market days at Chapel, Brent always tenaciously champions an amalgam of styles and genres in the dance, deftly mixing hot underground and contemporary hip-hop with electro, house, techno, and everything else in between.

I cut my teeth with Brent back in the Flea Market days & witnessed first-hand how he can spark a dancefloor and maintain momentum even while bouncing from Baltimore to IDM to a Dabyre track and into a Busta Rhymes classic – all in one fell swoop. DJs can attest to how hard this is, and only few selectors such as Brent Tactic & JD Twitch can bounce genres with ease and heat.

Bookmark the Yeeeah Buddy! blog, where Brent hypes only the hottest tracks around and his recommendations are always on the mark.

Check out this interview with Brent talking about Yeeeah Buddy

Here’s an hour plus long USTREAM recording of a recent set Brent did with g THANG gunk (don’t miss the dancing freaks in the background)!

Congratulations Brent!


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