Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Esthetic Evolution #6- Twin Springs, ID

Ever wanted to party with a 1000 of your closest friends? Ok ok... maybe not all of them are your best friends, but there's likely only a couple of degrees of separation between them. That's how it works out here in the Northwest and that applies to Seattle, Portland, Boise and beyond. That closeness and cohesive network is one of the reasons our corner of the country has been gaining such a positive reputation for having an incredibly rich and creative music community. The folks at Esthetic Evolution in beautiful Twin Springs, ID have done a wonderful job building up their annual music and arts festival. So much so that they've almost sold ALL 1000 of their available tickets! As of this blog post there are less than 50 tickets available and they're only located at record stores in Boise.

But fret not. Shameless has one ticket available as a giveaway for some lucky reader. Email Shamelessinseattle2@gmail.com with "EE Loves Me" in the subject heading and the first person to write gets the ticket. (EDITED TO ADD... Congratulations to AshleyZ who was quick to respond and won the EE ticket giveaway!)

By the way, we've written about Esthetic Evolution before. Click the links below to check out past pictures.


Also, check out the video from last year...

Lots of great content and more information about Esthetic Evolution here.

Hope to see you on the Potato Playa!

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