Monday, April 19, 2010

Do you know-o our friend Rolo???

I love music. I'd like to think that everyone else does too. Life itself has a beat; around the 22nd day of gestation, the human fetal heartbeat starts and an individual's own personal metronome begins it's lifelong and rhythmic pacing. When I am DJ'ing I often love to imagine that if I can connect well enough with the dancers on the floor before me, I may be lucky enough to beat match someone's heart to the music I'm playing. (It's totally possible - it's a game I play with myself with the heart rate monitor on the elliptical at the gym and the dance tracks on my MP3 player).

Speaking of heartbeats and music, I just finished listening to Rolo Tamasi's latest track, Automata. This song is the source of my heartbeat analogies today. There is something about this ethereal and grounded track that makes me think that if I could somehow go inside, Innerspace-style, and cruise around listening in on all of the sounds of my body, my blood moving, my organs working, my breath circulating it might sound something like this track. But maybe I'm wrong. The name of this track refers to self-operating machines, which sounds decidedly non-organic. Am I incorrect? Does this track sound mechanical? Is it devoid of the life-sounds I was imaging? Or am I just a romantic living in a digital world? Whatever the findings I really love this track, as just like some of his other compositions, such as Puget Sound and Fuckabees Dub. Check his stuff out. We love it around here.

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