Tuesday, April 13, 2010

300 Essential Drum Breaks!!

For all of you producers out there, here comes All The Breaks: 300 Essential Drum Breaks! Turntable Lab is selling a CD of 300 of the most essential and rarest drum breaks of all time remastered from the original records and ready for sampling and chopping.

(from Turntable Lab's review) "An impressive selection of timeless breaks including multiple versions of "Get Out My Life Woman," and "Sing A Simple Song," staples like "It's A New Day" and "Ashley's Roachclip" and over 290 more rare and classic breaks. All The Breaks has done the hard part for you and trimmed these songs down to just the essential parts where you can chop and sample the kicks, snares, high hats, cymbals, and fills with ease. Whether you are making hip-hop or r&b or grime, All The Breaks is an excellent resource for finding the right drums for your tracks."

I'm sold.

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