Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hive Mind Halloween XV - Pictures

A note from the good peoples at Hive Mind...

A GIANT thank you to everyone who came out for Hive Mind Halloween this year, it was an unparalleled success! We had over 1,300 people come through the door and netted over $24,000 for our two causes: Room to Read (building schools in poor villages in Nepal, Cambodia, Laos and neighbors as well as providing scholarships for young girls) and Youngstown (a community center providing arts education to at-risk youth and offices for environmental and arts organizations).

Of course, in addition to you all who came, we want to thank all the people who volunteered their time to make it happen: Randy, Sara, Laura and the whole crew from Youngstown, Philthy Sanchez and the Camp In Bed crew, Black Rock City Animal Control, Hippocampus, the Game of Clue, Levi Clark and the DJ's, Cam and the bar crew, and all the kind folks who came Friday, Saturday and Sunday to help out.

If you took pictures, please post them to Flickr with the tag "hivemind09" so other folks can enjoy. We're already seeing some show up. If you use another service, please send us a link to your photo album, and we'll post it to the Hive Mind 09 web site (www.hive-mind.com/halloween/09).

Finally, a lot of folks have been asking if that was really the last Hive Mind Halloween party. We did honestly plan on it being so: it's grown from a 20 person house party to a 1,300 person multi-stage event over 15 years, and that's a lot of work. But after seeing how much enthusiasm there is, how so many groups were willing to kick in their time, and what a great time everyone had, we're looking for a way to keep the fire lit without burning out. And if it does happen again, we promise to have shorter bar lines!

Luckily, we've got a year to think about it...

- Shelly, Jordan and the everyone that is Hive Mind

And now, the images captured by Shameless' resident photographer. Click on any of them below to see more. Thanks Dave!

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