Friday, April 4, 2008

Recess - Live Mix From Electric Avenue - 3-28-08

Since I never have time to record demos at home, I've decided to try capturing more live sets when I play out. Keeping this new tradition's another live mix. This one's from last Friday at Electric Avenue. I was asked to throw in some Baile Funk and club music so this is what happened. A bit all over the place, but people were down. You give me that much latitude as far as genre's go and well, this is what's going to happen. Kind of a DJ's dream actually...thanks to everyone that came out!!! Granted, there are a few rough spots, but whatever, i was drinking beer, playing music and dodging beach balls that were getting kicked my way so really what do you expect? Enjoy!


PS: Menami & I are holding down the fort at Nijo tonight. Come by, say hi & grab some sushi!

1. Come out and play vocal
2. Philly Club Anthem - Emynd & Bo Bliz
3. B-more Forward - Count of Monte Cristal
4. Dibby DJ - Count of Monet Cristal
5. Para De Graginha Feat Mc Leka - Crookers
6. Soca Ali Baba Feat MC Dandao - Crookers
7. Baile Funk Satisfaction - DJ Sujinho
8. Baile Frik - Frikstailers
9. Nerdout Wizard Music 1978 - Bird Peterson
10. Shhake it up (Twist & Shout) - Diplo
11. What a Fool Believes (Che Fu Hustle Song Refix) - Doobie Brothers
12. House Music - Eddie Amador
13. Os Cacadores - Dona Gigi
14. Samir's Theme (Madskillz Miami Bass Remix) - King Amir
15. Miami's Rockin' Baby - Maggatron
16. Gatas Gatas Gatas (Crookers Remix) - Edu K
17. Uptown - Trouble & Bass
18. Ballers - Trouble & Bass
19. Tore up (Dirty) - CKrisis
20. Poison - Tittsworth Remix
21. Poison - B Rich & AC Slater Remix
22. An Open Letter to NYC (Chew Fu Refix) - Beastie Boys
23. Hurt (Chew Fu Refix) - Busta Rhymes
24. Bounce that Ass - Count of Monte Cristal
25. Ghetto Bitches - (Sinden Remix) - Count of Monte Cristal
26. The Boots Were Made for Walking it Out (Dj Metric Bmore Mashup) - DJ Metric
27. My Definition of a Boombastic Jazz Style - Dream Warriors

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