Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Obligatory bRave

Shameless Warriors had a little meeting last night. We've all been incredibly busy lately so it was great to get together for a bit. Menami throw together some kick ass banana splits (serious.) and we sat around the table and chatted about our hopes and dreams. Although the phrase "obligatory rave" kept coming up (thanks Justin!), we were able looked past the lasers and glowsticks to discuss streamlining our creative efforts via a new blog.

Hopefully, you'll be seeing a bunch of posts compliments of the entire Shameless Crew. New tracks, mixes, flyers, pictures along with more heated and generally not-so-serious discussions of the phrase "obligatory rave".

Yeah, we had an old blog, but it didn't get very far. This new one will take us to space and back without costing a million dollars for a 15 minute float.

Here are a few of the posts (compliments of 'copy and paste') that managed to sneak onto the old blog. Old news, we know...New news to come!

Monday, April 2, 2007

Pictures! 4th Annual 'My Bloody Valentine is Shameless' Party @ Rebar - Feb 9th

Pictures! You know you want to look.

Yes, it's a month and a half later. What can we say other than it's been a fun month and a half. Now that Myspace has been sucking ass (we can't post cool bulletins anymore), you'll probably start seeing more updates here. Check back for pics, video, music and some kick ass parties. Mark the 2nd Fridays on your calendar. You'll thank us later. For now, click any of hte pics to see more!

A huge thanks needs to go out to Dave Mathews for taking some great pictures!

Pinata Smashing!

Sex toys everywhere! The music was bRavetastic all night! Thanks to everyone that volunteered their time and creative energy. Space Virgins, Rebar staff, Dancers, Shameless Warriors and other volunteers. You all dressed to express and helped make our 4th Annual 'My Bloody Valentine is Shameless' a night to remember.

Pinata smashing from My Bloody Valentine is Shameless' IV

Thursday, January 11, 2007

And for February...

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

01/07 Events

01.06.07 - DISUKO w/ Recess & Menami
Sushi & Sake! Menami's chilly downtempo and ambient beats to start. Recess' Saturday night party beats to finish. No cover,
10 pm - close. Nijo - 83 Spring St., Seattle, WA.

01.13.07 (earlier) - Shameless invades KRAKT! w/ DJs Kristina Childs & Recess, Live PAs by Justin Byrnes & Tekgnosis and our own MC Anton Bomb. 10 pm - close, $5, 21+. The Re-Bar, 1114 Howell Street @ Boren.

01.13.07 (later) - Robot Love 3
Recess raves afterhours! Check back for additional details.

01.20.07 - TIGERSTYLE: a visceral array of beats and sounds. Resident DJs Kadeejah Streets, Josh Roberts, and Scratchmaster Joe. Special guest Recess. No cover, 10 pm - close, 21+.

01.26.07 - Knight Riders, Inc.
DJs Travis Baron, M'chateau, Recess and Jerry Abstract. Techno Hasselhoff-style.
10 pm - close, 21+.

What is Shameless?

In 2003 after the popular club night Robo.Trash ended, Shameless was created not just name the new Saturday night alternative dance party at the Alibi Room, but to describe the weekly's aesthetic. Off the beaten path and in the basement of the bar residents DJs and guests performed live or DJ'd electro, techno, discopunk, house, acid and other boundary-crossing genres. Quickly the night gained local attention. "…hosted by DJs Recess and Misha (Michelle Furedy), [Shameless] has overcome its underground location to become one of the city's most refreshingly unpretentious and musically vibrant shindigs." – The Stranger, 2004.

After almost a year @ the Alibi Room Shameless 1.0 ended, while 2.0 brought the crew (now including VJ FOC: EYE) up to Capitol Hill for a few official after parties following shows for Miss Kittin, Felix Da Housecat & the first Decibel Festival. Soon after they teamed up with MC Anton Bomb of Club YES! and brought the party to the Rebar for monthly Saturday night adventures. The 2nd annual 'My Bloody Valentine is Shameless' and the Damian Lazarus/ Smash TV party were a couple of many memorable events that kept the dance floor alive until 3:00 am.

After taking a break in spring 2005, Shameless went on a mini tour of the Northwest and has since exploded onto the scene as a production collective known locally for throwing fun, dance floor pounding parties, and encouraging community development through social and creative support and collaboration. Recent one offs for Shameless have included headliners DJ Assault, Modeselektor and Egyptian Lover. Currently the roster consists of live act Tekgnosis (Bird & m.0), Justin Byrnes (Live/DJ), Recess (DJ), FOC: EYE (VJ), Anton Bomb (MC) & Menami (Jill-of-all-trades). Various residencies over the past and present year involved clubs such as the Chapel Bar (Co-Op), See Sound Lounge (Faux Disco), Des Amis & The Crescent Lounge (BootyLIB), ToST, Capitol Hill Arts Center (CHAC) and Nijo. With an eye for stellar local and international talent, Shameless often finds itself balancing the long established circles of techno, electro, house, rave, ghettotech, punk, and rock, while dancing their asses off.

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